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PHP and MySQL Programming

PHP is an acronym (Hypertext Preprocessor), and is a programming language that is commonly used for the development of interactive applications which can be implemented in the Internet. MySQL is a database management system data which can work in conjunction with PHP.

It is giving more interactivity to web pages, in which users can do more than just read. So as we are Shopping Carts, Catalogue System, Photo Galleries and Videos, etc.

When a company or person wants to take a advantage of the website, the platform is created for what you want to do online.

It is of utmost importance to mention, that our team does not work with free applications that can be found through the internet such as Joomla or Wordpress, because it limits the ability to customize to taste what the customer wants and they are unreliable systems (What can be expected from something free?).

Some of the things that can be created with the programming:
  • Shopping Carts with Credit Card
  • Interactive Photo Gallery
  • Applications for Facebook and other social networks
  • Product Catalog
  • and more...